4 Hard to Kill Indoor House Plants

4 Hard to Kill Indoor House Plants

Growing plants indoors is a great way to add natural beauty and improve the air quality in your home. But with dry air and a lack of good light, you may find yourself struggling to keep plants alive. The following five plants are some of the toughest houseplants you can grow. They are guaranteed to thrive in your environment and give you a beautiful garden indoors. 

1. Sanseveria trifasciata or mother-in-law’s tongue

sansevieria plant on wooden table
Decorative sansevieria plant on wooden table in living room. Sansevieria trifasciata Prain in gray ceramic pot.

Sanseveria trifasciata is a stemless herb that spreads by way of its creeping rhizome. The sword-shaped leaves grow up from a basal rosette and are dark green with horizontal bands of light green. The Sanseveria plant will thrive in moderate sunlight and can be used for indoor planters, a centerpiece at your dining table, or even in a bathroom or bedroom.

2. Fiddle leaf fig

fiddle leaf fig indoor plant decoration
Fiddle leaf fig indoor plant decoration inside bedroom

The fiddle leaf fig is a flowering green plant from the mulberry family. This plant requires low light and prefers the outdoors, but can be grown indoors with some care. It is a popular indoor plant because of its interesting look and its tendency to grow without much maintenance.

3. Peace lily

indoor house plant peace lilies
The house plant lilies or Spathiphyllum bloomed with a white flower. A blooming flower brings feminine happiness to the house. Air purifying house plants in home concept.

The peace lily is a sturdy green plant with oval leaves that occasionally produces a fragrant white flower. This variety of lily will grow in low light. It is one of the best houseplants for beginners and is an easy-to-grow plant.

4. English ivy

english ivy houseplants

English ivy is a fast-growing woody vine that can grow up to a hundred feet in length. English ivy will thrive in average household lighting conditions but will need light for it to develop its best look. The plant will flower indoors but will only thrive if it grows in a cool environment.

Final thoughts….

Searching for interesting houseplants can be a rewarding process. Always check plant tags for the houseplants’ light requirements. If you have a tropical plant, remember that it will need to be in a room with moderate light during the day and lower light around the rest of the home at night. While all plants require some level of care, choosing a plant with minimal requirements can beautify your home without taking a toll on your free time. You don’t need a green thumb to have some greenery in your home.