5 Common mistakes to avoid in your roofing project

5 Common mistakes to avoid in your roofing project

While every home needs a functioning roof, not every homeowner is an expert on completing roof repairs and replacements, and if you’re a new homeowner, you’ll want to avoid making any mistakes that could cost you time and money. There are many things you should know before doing a roof restoration. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid during a roofing project.

1. Not Researching the Company

Make sure you choose a trustworthy company for your roofing project. Take a look at their ratings on various digital platforms for eg Google reviews and Facebook reviews. After reading the reviews you will know what to expect from a prospective roofing company.

2. Not getting Quotes

You can save money on your project by getting at least three quotes from different roofing companies. It’s important to get quotes in writing so you have proof of costs and costs cannot change later in the project which will affect your budget.

3. Not Signing a Contract

A written and signed contract between you and the roofing company is absolutely necessary. Any miscommunication between you and your roofer can be avoided by signing a contract.

4. Going with the cheapest quote

Sometimes the cheapest price doesn’t correlate with the best option for your roof installation. The quality of work and the way the business conducts itself should be considered in addition to price. It can be worth the extra money to have a roofing company that communicates well, completes the job right the first time, and thoroughly cleans up your property after finishing the work.

5. Forgetting to Ask for Warranties

Don’t forget to ask your roofer about their warranty policy and guarantees. With proper maintenance, your roof should last for over 30 years. However for peace of mind should there be an issue during the warranty period, you know that it will be fixed. The warranty should mention what will happen if your new roof restoration coating starts to peel or break.


These are just some of the mistakes that you could inadvertently commit if you’re new to having your roof replaced. Be sure to avoid these mistakes and work with an honest, experienced roof replacement contractor who will help you choose what’s best for your roof. Choosing the highest-rated roofing contractor in your area can help you avoid these types of issues.