5 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

5 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Does a bedroom in your home make you feel claustrophobic? Maybe you live in an apartment or small house or have a house with small rooms. Just because you have a smaller bedroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look bigger. With just a few simple tricks and some creative decoration, you can make your room look much bigger than it is. Let’s look at some ways to make your small bedroom look larger and give the illusion of more space. They’re less expensive than buying a new house!

1) Use Invisible Storage Space

Small bedrooms fall short in many things, but the biggest is storage space. Get creative with how you store items in a small bedroom. To maximise your floor space Invest in a storage container that slides under the bed and out of sight. Make the best use of what goes beside your bed by choosing nightstands with drawers. Switch your current bedroom door out for a door with a hidden bookcase on the back. Make good use of these storage spots to reduce clutter. You can even use walls for extra storage space by installing floating drawers to keep your items neatly stored.

2) Paint the Walls a Light Colour

Skip the darker colours and choose a light or pastel colour for the walls. Light shades of blue, grey, and yellow and light neutrals or even white walls all give a bedroom a feeling of being more spacious and open. In contrast, dark colours, like the ever-popular maroon or burgundy wall colour, make a room look smaller and more closed in. An added benefit of light colours on the walls is it’s more restful on the eyes.

It might tempt you to use wallpaper instead of paint, but unless you choose a light colour and a small motif, wallpaper will overpower a small room and make it look tinier. Choose one light colour and stick with the theme by placing bedsheets and spreads, curtains, and rugs in the same light airy colour. Big, splashy wallpaper designs are best for larger rooms.

Why stop with your white bedroom when you can make your entire house look more expansive? Apply this strategy to other small rooms to make them appear larger and brighter. The more you keep the colours light and stick with a single colour theme, the larger your bedroom and other rooms in your house will look, and the more you’ll feel you’re living in a larger house.

3) Add More Lighting

Light naturally opens up a small room and makes it look more spacious. Try replacing wall lights with pendant lighting for a bedroom that looks larger and more spacious. Pendant lighting also makes low ceilings look higher and creates a warm, inviting ambiance. Another option that takes up less space is recessed or track lighting.

Consider using several natural light sources rather than one big one. Doing this makes a room look more spacious by eliminating dark corners that get little light. During the day, keep the curtains or blinds open too. Speaking or curtains, contemporary blinds rather than curtains or drapes take up less space and make a room look larger and more modern. If you use lamps, keep the lampshades light in colour and tall and slim.

4) Add Mirrors

Adding floor mirrors to a room also gives the illusion of a larger room. One trick is to place a mirror behind your bed to visually expand the size of your bedroom. It’s a trick many interior designers use to visually to expand the size of a sleeping area and make a bedroom look open and airy. Beveled mirrors in a bedroom are effective for creating the illusion of space and if you really want to open up a room, use full-length mirrors along a wall.

5) Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of spacious. If you’re a collector, keep the items you collect out of the bedroom to reduce clutter. Simple décor, minimal furniture and uncluttered walls create the illusion of more space and often less is more restful for the eyes. Be discriminating with what you place on the walls and on the dresser in your bedroom. One eye-catching piece of artwork on a wall is more engaging and looks less cluttered than several pieces of wall art. Also, make sure all objects you place in your bedroom have a purpose.

You can use bedside tables to maximise the space in your bedroom by using large drawers for organisation.

The Bottom Line

Don’t be embarrassed by the size of your bedroom. Instead, get creative. With a few changes, you’ll have that tiny bedroom looking roomy and comfortable in no time. Then it will all be worth it!